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Acta Edulis Fungi (AEF) is a peer reviewed public academic journal that first appeared in 1994. The journal publishes bimonthly on the results of the most recent research on all aspects of edible fungi, including genetics and breeding, germplasm resources, cultivation and mushroom house management, disease and pest control, physiology, biochemistry, and processing and storage.


Acta Edulis Fungi is sponsored by Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Association of Agricultural Science Societies. AEF is included in the Chinese core journals, the Chinese core journals of science and technology core journals in the Chinese science citation database and Chinese core journals of agriculture and forestry. AEF is also indexed with EBSCO, CABI, and JST.


Editor-in-Chief: ZHANG Jingsong  (Institue of Edible Fungi, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

Chinese Editors:WANG Ruixia, ZHU Lina,MA Dandan,WANG Hong, CAO Tingtig

English Editor:FEI Liwen 


Institute of Edible Fungi, Room No.115

Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Jingqi Road No.1000

Shanghai 201403, China

E-mail: shiyongjunxuebao@126.com

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